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PowerWash 101 is an introduction to the basics of pressure washing.  This course is a must for anyone new to the pressure washing industry or anyone who wants to:

  • Start a business
  • Train or manage employees to use pressure washers
  • Embark on pressure washer repair

PW101 teaches:

  • How to use a cold water pressure washer
  • Pressure washer components
  • Mechanical function
  • Options for outfitting pressure washers
  • Pressure washer care
  • Basic safety
  • …and more.

PowerWash 101 Makes Learning Easy!

Since not everyone learns in the same manner, this state-of-the-art online course includes a variety of approaches to enhance learning and retention.

Learn At Your Own Pace

The convenience of the online course allows learners to complete work at their own pace, anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Comprehensive Manual

PowerWash 101 includes a manual that is easy to read and follow during the course. The manual includes an organized table of contents and glossary, and features a section-by-section breakdown of the material that enables easy learning of the information.

In-Depth Videos

All sections feature in-depth videos with accompanying graphics and demonstrations that support and explain the material in the manual.

Feedback & Evaluation

Each section is followed by a series of quiz questions that provide learners with feedback on how well they are retaining the information. At the end of the course, an online final exam requires a grade of 80% or better to pass.

Certificate of Completion

Graduates of the course receive a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate a proficient understanding of pressure washing basics.

PowerWash 101 Is Convenient & Cost Effective!

When untrained people operate pressure washing equipment, costly parts and equipment can be ruined, valuable time can be wasted getting projects done, or they don’t understand the correct terminology to communicate effectively. Attending on-site training classes can be expensive when you factor in tuition, travel, hotels, meals, membership fees, etc. PowerWash 101 eliminates all those expenses and brings top-of-the-line education to the pressure washing industry at amazingly low cost, and through the convenience of online learning.

This Is The Right Course!

Nothing else on the market today compares with PowerWash 101. This high-quality course has been created with extensive attention to detail and provides the most comprehensive information available. The decision to sign-up is easy for those that want success.

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